Israel Sends Medical Delegation to Japan

JERUSALEM, March 22, 2011 (JTA) – Israel has sent a medical delegation to Japan to help victims of the recent devastating earthquake and tsunami.

Two doctors and an Israel Defense Forces Homefront Command officer arrived Monday in Japan to determine what is required to send a full-scale medical delegation and the necessary equipment to the devastated area, according to the Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

The Israeli team will be located in the Miyagi prefecture, about six hours north of Tokyo, which was hardest hit by the recent tsunami. The team will establish a field medical clinic geared to handle the casualties and refugees concentrated in the region.

At the request of the Japanese National Disaster Center, the Israeli Foreign and Defense ministries also will send 10,000 coats, 6,000 blankets, 6,000 pairs of gloves and 150 mobile toilets to the stricken area.

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