Hertzman to Chair 2012 KDS

[by Shiela Steinman Wallace]

Joseph Hertzman cares deeply about the Jewish community, and has always been a supporter of the Annual Federation Campaign, and in recent years has become an active leader at the Jewish Community of Louisville. This year, he will chair the Campaign’s King David Society.

Hertzman sees this as a natural outgrowth of his work with the JCL’s Planning and Allocations Committee, which he chaired in 2011 and co-chaired in 2010 with David Klein, now chair of the JCL Board.

The Planning and Allocations process, he said, “has given me knowledge about what the JCL does and passion for the Campaign. I understand more than ever the need for healthy Campaigns, and I’m excited to be shifting my efforts more toward that side.”

Hertzman said he is honored that Klein tapped him for the King David Society chairmanship, and he looks forward to the “opportunity to continue to tell our exciting story of the great things going on in our new JCL.

“I’m excited to get to work with the true pillars of our community who demonstrate their commitment with their leadership gifts,” he continued. “My objective is to have impactful, direct ongoing communication with our King David Society members to ensure they understand the importance of their generous contributions and to demonstrate the JCL’s accountability and stewardship. We must also understand how these funds are utilized.”

Hertzman is eager to expand the King David Society and is looking forward to the in-depth discussions that will help this important group of contributors understand how the JCL’s work helps them meet their philanthropic goals.

“We have a great story to tell,” he said. “The challenges and issues that led us to merger are fading and the community needs to know the positives going forward. We are one community.

“It’s also important that we understand the needs of our partners overseas in Israel,” Hertzman continued.

Through the Jewish Agency for Israel and the American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee (JAFI and JDC), we take care of Jews-at-risk in Israel and around the world. Through our Partnership with Israel program, we have developed a special, personal relationship with people and communities in the Western Galilee.

“The size of our Campaign affects what we are able to send to our overseas partners,” he said.

Hertzman is a restaurant franchisee with 23 Papa John’s in Columbus, OH, 13 Rally’s in southwestern Indiana and western Kentucky, and eight Long John Silvers in the Louisville area and Central Indiana. He serves on the Rally’s Franchisee Advisory Council, and, with his brother, Allen, has received the Papa John’s Franchisee of the Year Award.

This month, Hertzman was named Rally’s and Checkers Franchisee of the year, and in 2009, he also received the Legacy Award from Rally’s and Checkers in acknowledgement of his longtime service and commitment to the Rally’s brand. He is only the second franchisee to receive that award.

He also co-founded Dispute Solutions, a human resources consulting company, specializing in alternative dispute resolution programs for businesses, with a partner in Lexington.

Hertzman is vice chair of the JCL Board of Directors. He has served on The Temple Board and the Salvation Army’s Boys and Girls Club Advisory Council.

In the past, he has been a vice president of the Jewish Community Federation and served on its Executive Committee, was a member of the United Jewish Appeal’s National Young Leadership Cabinet, and served on the Board of Standard Club.

His oldest son, Nick, is in graduate school in Paris, France. His other children – Julie, Rachel and Alec – attend Collegiate School.

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