Community to Become a Monthly

During these difficult economic times, we must all make some difficult choices.

As the Jewish Community of Louisville strives to be the efficient, fiscally responsible organization it must be to meet the needs of the community, it is examining all aspects of its operation. The reality is that there simply are not enough resources available to enable the JCL to be the flexible, responsive organization the community demands and still deliver all the programs and services to which the community has become accustomed.

One change will be in the publication schedule of Community, your Louisville Jewish newspaper. Beginning in July, Community will be moving to a once a month publication schedule. The final bi-weekly newspaper will be published on July 1 (deadline June 24).

After that, the paper will come out toward the end of the month. There will be a paper July 29 (deadline July 22) and one on August 26 (deadline August 19). A full deadline schedule for the balance of 2011 and 2012 will be published soon. Please take this change into account when you submit information about upcoming simchas, publicity for your organization’s events and advertising.

Community will continue to include information about upcoming events in a timely fashion, but please be aware that publishing just once a month means that there will be fewer total pages printed. Some stories will need to be shorter and there will be less room for features and other stories.

The JCL remains committed to providing timely communications for the entire community. In addition to Community, the JCL has a robust website where you can find information about all of Louisville’s Jewish institutions, upcoming events and news stories – those found in past issues of Community and additional stories that supplement and add to them. You can find them under the “What’s Happening” pull down menu or by using the search feature to find specific items.
The website also includes a wealth of photos, many of which were never published in the paper, and even a link that allows you to listen to Jewish Rock Radio. Check it out today by clicking here, and visit often, as it is updated regularly.

Highlights are posted on the JCL’s and JCC’s Facebook pages as well.

If you prefer to get your information by e-mail, the JCL also offers several e-letters. Once a week, the JCL e-news provides a summary of upcoming events submitted by Louisville’s congregations, Jewish agencies and organizations. There are also e-updates about happenings at the Jewish Community Center, from the Jewish Community Relations Council, and for young adults. In addition, there are e-communications for the participants in specific programs like JCC Summer Camp, Hillel and The PJ Library participants.

If you are interested in receiving any of these communications and are not already on the list, please call 451-8840 or e-mail

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