Chavurat Shalom

Chavurat Shalom is a unique opportunity for seniors. Every Thursday from noon until mid-afternoon, a group of seniors meet socially to share intellectual and spiritual activities at The Temple.  We call it Chavurat Shalom, Circle of Friends, and we’d like to invite you to join us.

Our Circle of Friends widens with each person who participates. It’s a place to connect with old friends, keep up with current events, and meet new people.

We have a healthy catered lunch at noon for only $5. We socialize, and then have our weekly, “Conversation With”
Featuring some lively discussions about current events, book reviews, health and wellness or a variety of other topics.

Visit Chavurat Shalom’s Schedule

So come and join a new Circle of Friends at The Temple, centrally located on U.S. 42. Parking is free and we have a special lunch every week.

“It’s not about being old. It’s about being young at heart and getting involved with others in your community.”

For more information, call Cindy Hytken at The Temple, 423-1818

Funding for Chavurat Shalom is provided by JCL, NCJW, The Temple, The Temple Brotherhood and Sisterhood and many other generous donors.

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