Book Club Event Added to Apple Pickin’ ’n’ Honey Dippin’

The weather couldn’t stop the Jewish community from celebrating a healthy and sweet New Year with Apple Pickin’ and Honey Dippin’ for the New Year at Joe Huber’s Family Orchard on September 25.

The Jewish Community of Louisville added a new component to this traditional community-wide event, inviting the author of a new children’s book series to lead a discussion with third-fifth graders. Dori Weinstein and 10 students who had read the book before the event, talked about Yaya & YoYo Sliding Into the New Year, her first book in the series.

Thirty-five people came to the orchard for apple picking, crafts and the book club.  There were apple cut-outs for those who wanted to make a wish for the New Year, construction paper for card making, and an apple tasting.




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