A statement from the Jewish Community Relations Council regarding the Israel Supreme Court’s decision upholding the ‘reasonableness standard’ of government

By Matt Golden
JCRC Director

In one of the most far-reaching decisions to issue from the Israeli Supreme Court, the “reasonableness standard” of government remains in force. This decision, handed down on Monday (Jan. 1). is a direct “check” to the signature initiative of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s collation to reframe the judiciary. Before October 7, hundreds of thousands of Israelis and diaspora Jews took to the streets to protest this effort to dismantle the integrity of the ISC. That court functions as the last bastion of rights for minorities and freedoms for marginalized members of Israeli society.  

This decision may be one of the most important in the Israeli Supreme Court’s history. It is also proof positive that the courts, even in times of war and maybe especially in times of war, must make these crucial decisions. The reasonableness standard – the military, ministers, indeed the entire Israeli government — falls squarely within their purview.

See the link below:

In unprecedented decision, Israel’s Supreme Court strikes down law limiting its power

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