2020 Federation Annual Campaign Ambassador Tammy Behr

Tammy Behr believes in the power that being an active and connected member of the Jewish community has on the continued growth and involvement of future generations. As such, her number one priority is setting a strong example for her young daughter by showing her the importance of connecting with like-minded people to support and encourage her journey as a Jewish woman of faith.

Tammy defines connection to Jewish life as how involved and submerged one becomes in available activities. Because it isn’t always easy to discover those activities, she encourages others to get to know community members who can guide and direct them. And as an ambassador, she is trying to do just that for others.

Not growing up Jewish, Tammy takes pride in the customs and traditions that she has found to be intensely meaningful and life-changing for her. The simple act of lighting Shabbat candles continues to remind her of the first time she was able to recite the prayer from memory, and now she is blessed to teach her daughter these traditions.

Tammy credits here interfaith family for teaching her so much about other’s beliefs, and she sees herself as a small piece in the puzzle towards a world that truly does co-exist. Tammy believes in focusing on our sameness instead of differences, as hatred is a learned behavior and she is doing her part to teach the message of love.