144 Falash Mura brought by Jewish Agency to Israel this week


Some 2,000 estimated to be approved for Aliyah brought to Israel this year

Eighty one new immigrants from the Falash Mura community arrived in Israel early morning on Tuesday, January 19, and another 63 immigrants arrived the next day marking the resumption of aliyah from the community in Ethiopia, the Jewish Agency for Israel reported.

Representatives of Israel’s Interior Ministry and Jewish Agency emissaries have been in Ethiopia in recent months examining the eligibility of members of the Falash Mura community to immigrate to Israel, according to criteria set by the Interior Ministry. As of now, 600 members of the community have received permission to immigrate and will be brought to Israel in the coming months. The Jewish Agency’s Aliyah Department estimates that an additional 2,000 of the community are likely to be found eligible for aliyah by Israel’s Ministry of Interior in the course of 2010.

All the new immigrants will live in the Jewish Agency’s absorption centers around the country where they will be given all the necessary services for them to lead independent lives and successfully integrate within Israeli society.

In all, over 8,000 members of the Falash Mura community are still waiting in Ethiopia for a government decision concerning their immigration. Jewish Agency Chairman Natan Sharansky declared his support for bringing all eligible Falash Mura from this group to Israel, and expressed that this will bring an end to this difficult saga.

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