Youngsters Volunteer at JFCS Food Pantry

Every time there is an opportunity, Lori and Susie Joels show up to volunteer in the JFCS Food Pantry. They love to accompany their grandmother, Carole Goldberg, who is one of the regular Monday JFCS Food Pantry volunteers. The other Monday volunteer is Linda Goodman. They have spent many a summer and vacation day at JFCS.

Lori, age 11 and a student at Kammerer Middle School, and Susie, age 9, a student at Wilder Elementary, love to spend their free time and days off from school helping to organize the JFCS Food Pantry items. They often help to prepare snack bags distributed for lunch boxes, and they are a huge help when the agency receives a Dare To Care order of fresh fruits and vegetables.

Both have become pros at schlepping and toting the heaviest items and always help willingly and pleasantly. They are excellent assistants and are truly giving from their hearts.

Their grandmother, Diane Joels, is also a member of the JFCS Food Pantry Committee, so these girls have seen and learned the value of giving back to their community at an early age by observing the actions of their family members.

JFCS offers many volunteer opportunities for all ages.  If you have as little as one day per month to give to help others, please contact Shelley Kahn, volunteer coordinator, at 452-6341.

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