WZO educators to celebrate Israel

As Israel prepares to celebrate its 70th anniversary, Louisville will welcome six leading Israeli educators from the World Zionist Organization for a four-day visit to the city in March.
The six educators, will lead learning programs at Chavurat Shalom, The Temple, Temple Shalom, Adath Jashurun, the four Jewish preschools in Louisville, Hadassah, The Temple Religious School, LBSY and at the High School of Jewish Studies.
The visit dovetails with the Jewish Community of Louisville’s own slate of Israel at 70 events that begin in April.
The WZO programs are designed to develop, strengthen and deepen connections to Israel and to initiate nuanced discussions on Jewish identity and individual relationships to the Jewish state.
The program topics are:
• Human Rights and Social Justice in Israel – maintaining a Democratic yet Jewish identity in the Jewish state;
• Ben-Gurion, Epilogue – Ben-Gurion reflecting on Israel long after he was not an active politician;
• Israeli cooking – celebrating Israel’s 70th birthday with classic Israeli food.
The educators will be here Thursday, March 1, at Chavurat Shalom; Friday, March 2, during services at Adath Jeshurun, Temple Shalom and The Temple; and Saturday, March 3, at The Temple; and Temple Shalom. They will teach Israeli Torah, and Israeli cooking Sunday March 4 at the Temple.


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