Women’s Only Workout at JCC

Libby Blondin has attended the JCC’s small group personal training class for women since 1996. While she’s tried a host of other fitness opportunities at the JCC, the class remains her favorite.

“I’ve been very thankful for it. It gives me the opportunity to work out with other women who share the same interest in staying healthy,” she said.

The class recently has been refreshed with new workouts and a new name, “Women’s Only Workout,” but the goals are still the same, to offer a full body workout, while building relationships among participants. It’s purposefully kept small – with no more than five class members – so bonds can form easily.

Instructor Denise Joseph said it’s great for women who might be nervous about working out in the gym, or may not have anyone to work out with. During the class, attendees usually become friends, she said. They often help keep each other accountable and meet up for other workouts outside of the designated class time.

Joseph said the work out is a challenging full 30-minutes, working everything from the calves to the shoulders. She also tailors it to fit participants’ fitness goals.

“I gear it toward what everyone’s looking for,” she said.

Joseph also instructs the JCC’s four-week fitness class for youth ages 11-18. That class, recently renamed “Teen Power,” teaches youth how to use a variety of cardio machines, weight machines and free weights safely. The class is for 45 minutes, one day a week.

She gives them a fitness knowledge framework too, explaining the importance of strength and cardio training, among other topics.

“We get them on track so they learn the correct way to do things and build a lifetime interest,” she said.

Women’s Only Workout is a six week class, the next one starting on July 1. Teen Power is a four week class, the next class begins July 7. Call the Health and Wellness Desk at 502-238-2727 to sign up for either class.


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