Why Pack Your Lunch?

Do you bring your lunch to work, school etc? If so, good for you! If not, here are some things you may want to consider:


KNOW WHAT’S IN YOUR FOOD.  No need to worry about added oils, sugar etc. that you find in food at restaurants.

MORE TIME TO ENJOY YOUR LUNCH.  No more deciding where to go, finding the time to go, and utilizing your precious lunch time to travel and figure out your food situation. (Use that extra time to get in an extra 10 minute walk!)

MORE TIME TO MAKE BETTER DECISIONS.  Planning and preparing your lunch the night before will keep you from impulsively making the wrong choices. Waiting until your starving is a bad time to decide what’s for lunch.

SAVE MONEY!  Even if you make healthy choices going out to eat for lunch your going to be spending more money than if you made something similar and brought it from home. Ever notice the healthier options at a restaurant are sometimes the most expensive?

EAT YOUR LEFTOVERS.  When you make dinner place a portion in a container for your lunch. Bonus tip: put a note on it so your spouse doesn’t eat it by accident. (Not that I’ve ever accidentally ate my wife’s lunch this just seems like maybe a good thing to do.)

PORTION CONTROL.  By packing your lunch you can stay on top of your portion control. It’s very easy to overeat at restaurants because they give you so much food usually.


Author: Mat Shalenko