Whirlpools offer excellent recovery benefits

One of the most enjoyable benefits of JCC membership is its whirlpools, available to members near the indoor pool. Taking a spa break after a workout is incredibly refreshing and relaxes your muscles after a hard day.
But make sure you shower before getting in: The bacteria on your skin can multiply in the warm water, causing fluctuating readings in our water.

“We are monitoring our whirlpools more closely to ensure that our members have the best experience in our wet areas,” said Johnny Kimberlin, aquatics director. “We love when our members use this service, and we want to keep them healthy.”

The hot water in our whirlpools can help dilate the blood vessels, which in turn causes tension and pain to leave the body. The massaging jets help relax the muscles and can aid in the healing of sports injuries and reduce the joint pain caused by arthritis.

So remember to shower before entering the whirlpool because the body’s natural bacteria – especially after a workout – can get into the water and multiply in the warm-water environment.

For best results, work out your hardest, take a quick shower, throw on a swimsuit, then slide down into the whirlpool and relax for about 10 minutes. The rest of your evening will go swimmingly!

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