Letter: Voting

An open letter to all Jewish organizations and area businesses,

In the last election, the voter turnout in Kentucky was about 30 percent of eligible voters. In Jefferson County, the voter turnout was 34.5 percent.

Your organization or business can make the difference in increasing the number of people who will vote in this upcoming November election.

1. Make sure that all of your employees, group members and the members of their families are registered to vote and their voter information is current and correct. http://ags2.lojic.org/WhereDoIVote/

2. People can register online at: https://vrsws.sos.ky.gov/ovrweb/default.
NOTE: the last day to register is Tuesday, October 11. Anyone who will be 18 years of age ON Election Day (Tuesday, November 8) can register to vote now.

3. Make sure all your employees and members know about early in-house voting, absentee voting and medical emergency voting. www.elections.jeffersoncountyclerk.org/absentee_voting.shtml

4. Help your employees and members get to the polls on Election Day and to the early voting site. (Note the new address of the Jefferson County Clerk’s office is 701 W. Ormsby Ave., Rm. 301).

Voter information can be posted in your newsletters, on your Facebook pages, and websites as well as send out email blasts to your employees and members with voter information and reminders to vote.

Samples ballots can be obtained from www.jeffersoncountyclerk.org/MyBallot about a month before the election.

Your encouragement and support to vote will reduce the obstacles and apathy that prevent people from being a part of our community.

Honi Marleen Goldman

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