Varied Routines and Trust Allow Davis to Lead JCC Personal Training

As one of the JCC’s favorite personal trainers, Sylvester Davis is pretty in demand.

“I keep busy,” he said, with a smile.

Since coming to the JCC in 2010, he’s instructed countless people, helping them advance their personal fitness goals.

Some have been working out for years and want to take their routine to the next level. Others, like Robin Brown and her husband, have never worked with a trainer before.

“He keeps our training varied, and keeps us on track. We’re in our mid-50s and I look at the results as an investment in me – as we age,” she said. “My husband and I are more flexible, have much better core strength and are overall just feeling better.”

A number of Davis’s clients started in the Exceed Foundations Program, which is designed for new members or individuals looking for the best fitness program to meet their needs.

Exceed Foundations provides two 45-minute sessions with a certified trainer that includes a complete Health Assessment and Fitness Evaluation and an additional 45-minute training session.
The program is only for members who have never purchased personal training or pilates sessions. A discounted personal training package is available upon completion of the Foundations program.

“Exceed is a good introduction,” Davis said. “It’s a good opportunity to make sure you mesh with a trainer, that there’s good rapport and trust. It’s a good ice-breaker.”

Those elements were key for Richard Breen, who’s trained with Davis. He really needed to feel like he could trust Davis, he said.

“Trust is a very important part of working with a personal trainer. I personally need to feel like what the trainer is having me do is good for me, and will not injure me,” he said. “(Davis) is worthy of the trust. He is very knowledgeable and works hard to learn a client’s needs, then tailor a training program to bring about the best results.”

Davis said his philosophy is to focus foremost on good technique and form, so people can work learn to work out independently with confidence.

“Exceeds introduces people to that and helps them progress to higher levels of form and fitness,” he said.
If interested in the Exceed Foundations program, call Ron Peacock in the Health and Wellness Department at 238-2792. The fee is $30 for members.

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