Vaad Hakashruth

Vaad Hakashruth
Keeping Kentucky Kosher

Post Office Box 5362
(502) 452-6134

The Louisville Vaad Hakashruth is dedicated to “Keeping Kentucky Kosher” and is charged with both supervising and promoting Kashruth observance. Kosher supervision includes the ritual cleaning of all utensils, pots, ovens, etc. In order to both supervise and promote the observance of Kosher dietary laws, the Vaad maintains a rate of just $21 per hour for kosher supervision.

The Vaad supervises and certifies the following venues as Kosher: Four Courts at Cherokee Park, the kosher kitchen at Jewish Hospital and the kosher kitchen at the Jewish Community Center. The Vaad also provides supervision of kosher meat and baked goods at the Kroger store at McMahan Plaza. This full-service, self-contained kosher butcher shop within an existing market was the first of its kind and has led to many similar kosher meat outlets in groceries around the country.

The Vaad maintains kosher china and regularly oversees kosher catering arrangements at the Louisville Hyatt Regency Hotel. In addition, the Vaad is able to provide kosher supervision in almost any catering establishment. In the last year, the Vaad has supervised kosher meals at Stevens and Stevens, Napa River Grill and the Jewish Hospital Conference Center.

In addition to these communal facilities, the Vaad supervises various local manufacturers of food products. The Vaad offers kosher supervision to businesses throughout Kentucky as well as numerous food manufacturers in places as diverse as Manchester, England; Shanghai, China; and Manaus, Brazil. Numerous everyday food items from soft drinks to breakfast cereal may often contain ingredients overseen by the Louisville Vaad Hakashruth.

Jacob Wishnia, President

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