Update on the Situation in Israel

In the last three days there has been an escalation in tension along the border between Hamas controlled Gaza and Israel, resulting in over 100 rockets being launched into Israel.

The first terrorist incident occurred three days ago, when an Israeli construction worker was shot and killed while building a separation fence along the border between Egypt and Israel, resulting in Israel retaliating against terror targets in Gaza. Since then, terrorists in Gaza have launched these rockets, including more advanced rockets than have been launched in recent flare-ups.

Four Israelis so far have been injured, and several homes have been damaged or destroyed. The worrying part of this escalation is that it is Hamas who is firing these rockets. In recent engagements, Hamas has actually refrained from firing rockets, and even have assisted in maintaining calm in Gaza by reigning in other groups trying to launch rockets at Israel. Hamas has taken a bold step here and tensions could escalate quickly as Hamas is the largest and best armed of all the terror groups in Gaza.

Currently, the Egyptian military is trying to negotiate a cease fire between the two sides. It is obvious Israel does not want an escalation at this time.


Jerusalem Post Article


I will keep updating on this as events unfold.

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