UofL Art Students Help Celebrate Sukkot

Recently the staff of Jewish Community of Louisville collaborated with the University of Louisville as part of the school’s Arts and Culture Partnerships Initiative, which provides the opportunity for organizations to share knowledge, expertise and programs, and work together to create a vibrant art and cultural environment.

For their first joint project, UofL sculpture students, under the direction of Professor Scott Massey, took on the challenge of creating a sukkah for Sukkot. The project was voluntary and outside of the student’s rigorous course work.

assey and his students learned about Sukkot customs and the traditions associated with building a sukkah. They decided to use natural materials to create the sukkah and sought donors for the project. Fox Hollow Farms donated flowers that were used as a natural color element.

The students designed the structure, welded and fabricated the sukkah, and assembled it on-site at the JCC.

The students artists are Jesse Gibbs, Violine Antoine, Morgan Puckett, Marina Dubinchik, Stephanie La Greca, Jaclyn Darst, Taylor Crush, Jarrod Futscher and Chelsea Neimeier.

The JCL looks forward to working with them again in the future.


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