The Temple Celebrates Bourbon Industry with May 28 Archival Display

The Temple will also host a specially-themed Shabbat service on Friday, May 28, which include will Shabbat dinner, an historic sermon on Isaac Bernheim and a guided tour of The Temple Archives exhibit honoring the history of Jews and bourbon in Kentucky.



Rabbi’s Dinner with Special Shabbat and Archives Exhibit
Friday, May 28, 2010

6:00 p.m. Dinner, Services at 7:30 p.m.
$15 per person

“Chosen Spirit” archival display highlights the critical, yet largely under appreciated, role that bourbon pioneers such as Isaac and Bernard Bernheim, the Shapira brothers, the Uri brothers, and the Block, Grabfelder, Greenbaum, Sachs and Levitch families played in the growth of “America’s Native Spirit” and one of Kentucky’s signature industries. Scheduled for April and May, the celebration will involve renowned local bourbon experts, historians and industry members who will illuminate, for the first time, the unique role of Jewish distillers, wholesalers and retailers in the bourbon industry.

“The role of local Louisville Jewish leaders within the bourbon business is an important, yet underappreciated, one,” commented Rabbi Gaylia Rooks, a senior rabbi at The Temple. “We have a number of families that are still associated with the Louisville Jewish community and The Temple who have played an important role in one of the Commonwealth’s signature industries. The ‘Chosen Spirit’ events will underscore both the community’s historical significance and the recent renaissance of the Bourbon industry.”

The exhibit at The Temple Archives on Jewish influence on bourbon history, coordinated with the Louisville’s Filson Historical Society is open now and runs through May 30.

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