The Louisville Jewish Day School

3700 Dutchmans Lane
Louisville, KY 40205-3217
(502) 451-3122 ext 3

The Louisville Jewish Day School was created to provide a quality Judaic and secular education to children in the entire Louisville community. It is a new model for a community school that is open and inviting to children from all streams of religious observance and teaches them the bulk of Jewish tradition upon which all Jewish people base their faith.

The Louisville Jewish Day School has gleaned the best parts of previous day schools in our community and leading schools around the country. LJDS offers a secular studies program that meets or exceeds all state standards and is committed to providing the highest level, state-of-the-art educational programs.

LJDS offers a rich, diverse and comprehensive Judaic studies program. Judaic concepts are presented in a positive and non-judgmental manner that emphasizes relevance and meaning in today’s world. Clergy from all streams of religious observance are involved in teaching various portions of the Judaic curriculum, based on the principle of respect for tradition while recognizing that every family has complete autonomy in religious practice.

LJDS is committed to the belief that successful education depends upon recognition of the individual needs of each student. Such education must be multifaceted and based upon a tripod of:

  1. Academic Performance,
  2. Social Growth, and
  3. Feelings of Self Worth.

Louisville Jewish Day School uses modern and innovative modes of instruction to reach beyond the confines of the classroom. Students will be prepared for the challenges of the future fortified with Jewish tradition, family values and an educational experience upon which each student will base his or her entire life.

For a tour of the school, please call Goldie Litvin at 451-3122 ext. 3.

Goldie Litvin, Principal

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