Group Fitness

Group Fitness classes are offered to members ages 14 and older only, FREE, as part of their JCC membership. Descriptions of classes are listed below. Click here for a full schedule of classes. To register or for more information please call the Health and Wellness desk at 502-238-2727.

Body Mechanics (ALL LEVELS): This class will give you a safe and effective non-aerobic workout helping to improve your flexibility, balance, and muscle strength.

Boomer Wall (ALL LEVELS): A 30 minute interactive “Sport Wall” class based on exercise, games, and drills using computer technology in a fun and social environment that requires active participation.

Better Body Boxing (ALL LEVELS): Designed for participants that want to get a high-intensity workout, with lower impact on the knees, hips and feet. The class nicludes low-impact boxing, metabolic conditioning, strength and core drills all in one class.

Les Mills BODYPUMP™ (ALL LEVELS): The original barbell class that strengthens your entire body. Using high intensity with high repetition and low weights, this class builds lean muscle mass and burn calories set to fast paced music.

Les Mills BODYPUMP™ EXPRESS (ALL LEVELS): This shortened version of Les Mills BODYPUMP™ will include a warm-up, squats, chest work, back, and shoulders with fast paced music.

Boot Camp (ALL LEVELS): Ready to try something new? This is one powerful class! Get in shape with traditional and non-traditional military style exercises.

Cardio Challenge (BEGINNER/INTERMEDIATE): This cardio class has something for everyone. Get your daily dose of cardio through high/low aerobics, step, interval training and a splash of weight training to top it all off.

Chair Exercise (SENIORS): This class combines stretching and strengthening exercises to help muscles and joints stay strong and flexible!

Core (ALL LEVELS): Effectively train your core through this 15 minute intensive class. Focus is on the abdominals, gluts and lower back. This class helps with balance, coordination and overall strength.

Cycle (INTERMEDIATE/ADVANCED): Sweat and burn calories to keep yourself in top shape. Classes are led by a certified instructor who will coach you through the ride of your life. Add this intense class to your cross training regime.

Cycle/ Sculpt (ALL LEVELS): Go for a 40-minute power ride then complete 20 minutes of muscle conditioning exercises to sculpt your body which will enhance your performance on the bike.

Dance Aerobics (ALL LEVELS): Simple, low impact dance steps your heart will love.

Fit & Firm (ALL LEVELS): This class will help develop strong muscles and increase your cardio endurance while integrating flexibility to create a complete exercise program for your entire body.

FUNdamentals (ALL LEVELS): Flex and stretch exercise standing, at the barre and on the floor.

Healthy Kids (ALL LEVELS): 30 minutes of organized games and movement. Come and join your kids or let them participate while in J-Play Plus. Kids will work on agility, balance and coordination skills in a fun-filled environment. (For ages 5 and up.)

Glutes & Guts (ALL LEVELS): This 30-minute class utilizes weights, balls and bands focusing on sculpting your glutes and abdominals.

J-Barre (ALL LEVELS): Is a high-energy group exercise class that fuses fitness techniques from Pilates, Dance, and Yoga combined with fluid athletic intervals. J-Barre is the perfect combination of strength and flexibility with an added cardiovascular endurance element.

Kid’s Yoga (AGES 5 TO 10 YEARS): A fun introduction to movement of the body through yoga poses; increasing strength, learning how to focus the mind, and using the breath to create a calming effect. The class will start with warming up of the body, followed by a sequence of fun poses, including balancing and finishing with a relaxation period.

Light Weights (BEGINNER): For beginners and active seniors, this class incorporates weight bearing and muscle resistance exercises at a slow pace isolating each muscle group with proper breathing and stretching techniques.

Muscle Blast (ALL LEVELS): Get that toned and fit body you desire through strength and resistance training utilizing various weight training, floor exercises and band workouts with your favorite certified Group Fitness Instructor.

Pop Pilates  (ALL LEVELS): A total body, equipment-free workout that sculpts a rock solid core and a lean dancer’s body like nothing else can.

P.Y.S.B. (Pilates, yoga, stretch and Barre) (ALL LEVELS): Increase your flexibility, strengthen and tone your muscles, enhance posture and body alignment and relieve your day to day stress.

Cardio Power (ALL LEVELS): This 30 min class combines cardiovascular and strength exercises. Separate or paired with TABATA BASIC, members will have the opportunity to burn calories and build muscular endurance in a fast paced workout.

Tabata Basic (ALL LEVELS): This class includes basic movement patterns with an interval of 20 seconds work and 10 seconds recovery. The workout creates an effective way to increase cardiovascular and muscular fitness in 30 minutes.

Tai Chi (ALL LEVELS): Through gentle movements and directed breath practitioners build inner strength, flexibility, and enhanced balance and coordination. Tai chi is appropriate for all body types and fitness levels.

Yoga Flow (ALL LEVELS): This style of Yoga focuses on warming up our bodies while moving through flowing yoga poses. Yoga Flow helps to warm your muscles, prevent injury and allows you to progress deeper in to the pose (asana).

Yoga (ALL LEVELS): Build a strong foundation for a regular yoga practice with a sequence of pranayama (breath work) and asanas (body postures) that will improve your flexibility, strength, and endurance.

Your Own HIIT (ALL LEVELS): This HITT (high intensity interval training) workout uses intervals of work and rest to increase cardiovascular fitness and muscular strength. Through intense or modified movement, new or seasoned exercisers can work at their own level and enjoy a uniquely challenging and calorie-burning workout.