Golf Fitness

Men’s Golf

Wednesdays, March 8-29 • 6 p.m. | Instructor: Collin Fitzsimmons
A golfer’s body is exposed to tremendous forces. Without a full range of motion and a solid base of strength, not only will you fail to hit the ball further, you’ll increase your risk of chronic injury. If you have been injured, are struggling to
improve your game, or want the extra competitive edge, this class will help identify those range of motion weaknesses. Participants will receive tailor-made exercises to improve their game and ultimately strengthen themselves as they become a more efficient player.

Women’s Golf

Tuesdays, March 7-28 • 5:30 p.m. | Instructor: Denise Joseph
Designed for the woman golfer who wants to increase over all fitness and reduce injury. This program focuses on flexibility, strength and balance exercises to keep you tuned up in the off season.