Communication and Conduct Policy


Most communication between Camp J, campers and their families will be done electronically.  Please add campj@jewishlouisville.org to your address book so we don’t end up in a spam or junk folder!  All camp calendars, overnight packing lists, and weekly updates regarding camp will be emailed. Make sure your correct email address is on file with the Camp J Office prior to the beginning of camp.

Photos will be uploaded to the Camp J-Louisville Facebook page regularly. Reminder: by signing the camp registration form you are authorizing the J to use your child’s image. In the event you do not wish your child’s image used, please submit your request in writing to the Camp Director at mmannel@jewishlouisville.org.

Every effort will be made to ensure a positive camp experience for your children. If there are behavioral difficulties, which are deemed irreconcilable, The J has the right to remove any child from the camp program, either partially or in full. Availability of refunds will be determined by The J administration, on a case by case basis.

You can expect the following communications from us:

  • The week before your child is registered to attend camp, you will receive a session letter emailed to you with information about overnights, field trips, and other special events that will occur that week
  • At the end of each week you will receive the weekly email newsletter with photos and stories about camp experience from that week.
  • Photos posted regularly throughout the week on the Camp J Facebook page.
  • A call or email from the camp office if your child forgot their lunch or other necessities.
  • A call from the camp office if your child is injured/becomes ill at camp and needs further care
  • A call or email from the camp office if we are missing an RSVP for an overnight or other special event
  • A call from a member of the camp leadership team if your child has ongoing/consistent challenges regarding our camp conduct policy.
  • A call or email from the camp office if there is a change or emergency that would affect campers pick up or drop off location.

Critical Information
It is imperative that the camp is notified about any issues that might affect your child throughout the summer (e.g., death of a pet or family member, divorce, recently moved to the area, not knowing anyone in the camp prior to the summer, trouble at school, etc.). The more information that we have about your child, the more effective we can be. If anything happens during the summer, please notify the camp immediately. All information discussed with camp staff will be kept confidential.


It is through our mistakes that we learn, and it is our job at camp to help children learn from those experiences.  Simply, our policy is one that seeks to prevent mistaken behavior and puts the focus on the positive, using methods appropriate to the age of the child.  Redirection, modeling and guidance form the core of our discipline policy, not punishment.  No harsh or physical punishments are used at Camp J.  We strive to provide a safe, well supervised, and fun experience for all of our campers.  While we understand that campers sometimes have behavioral challenges, at no time will these challenges be permitted to endanger the safety of the camper, other campers, or camp staff.  Such behaviors are never permitted at camp.

If an ongoing/consistent behavioral challenge impacting other’s camp experience is identified the following steps will be taken:

  1. Behavior is monitored by supervisory staff
  2. Behavioral plan put in place and implemented
  3. Plan evaluated and modified to bolster positive results

Every effort will be made to ensure a positive camp experience for your child. If there are irreconcilable behavioral difficulties, a child may be removed from Camp J. Refunds, partial or in full, will be determined by the Director of Camp Youth & Family Programming.


We are happy to discuss your child with you, however we will not discuss any other child, by name, with someone who is not their authorized parent/guardian.

For more information, contact the Camp Office at 502-238-2718 or campj@jewishlouisville.org.

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