2019 Camp Theme: Summer Vacation

Throughout the summer, campers will learn the importance of social action and how they can make positive social change. Camp will foster self-esteem and help campers develop their understanding of and appreciation for the world in which we live. We believe that all campers can participate. All campers can succeed, and all campers can make a new friend. Participate in Maccabiah (Color Olympics), a 4th of July Cookout Israel Week, a Talent Show and more. Every Wednesday we dress for our vacation to the destination of the week. Every week we have Funky Fridays to dress up, be silly and have fun!

 Theme  Vacation Destination
(Dress Up Wednesday)
 Funky Friday
Week 1 (June 10-14) Friendship Beach Tie Dye
Week 2 (June 17-21) Wonder Arctic Silly Hats & Socks
Week 3 (June 24-28) Sportsmanship Maccabiah Team Colors (all week)
Week 4 (July 1-5) Courage Mountain / 4th of July (no camp) College Color Day
Week 5 (July 8-12) Curiosity Safari Neon
Week 6 (July 15-19) Tikkun Olam Rainforest Rainbow
Week 7 (July 22-26) Compassion Israel Week Blue and White
Week 8 (July 29 – Aug 2) Leadership Camping Pajama Day
Week 9 (August 5-9) Peace Desert 70s Funk Friday

Week 1: Friendship (Beach)

We will focus on the values of love (ahava), forgiveness (machilah), and patience (savlanut) throughout the week to learn how to be better friends at camp and beyond. Because of the community camp creates, we know each other well enough to understand our good intentions and find love, patience, and forgiveness in our hearts.

Week 2: Wonder (Arctic)

We are in a constant state of wonder (malchut) at camp as we observe the amazing world and community around us. When we have reverence & awe, or yira, for what we have around us we are on the path to becoming a mensch. We are constantly exposed to awesome lessons and experiences at camp that help us develop a deep appreciation for all we have.

Week 3: Sportsmanship (Maccabiah Color Wars)

Show us your integrity (yosher) and perseverance (natzach) in our 2019 Maccabiah Color Wars! While enjoying our time at camp we have the opportunity to learn what drives us and work hard to achieve a goal.

Week 4: Courage (Mountain/ 4th of July)

Celebrate the Fourth of July with us! Campers will learn to have courage (ometz lev) and confidence (bitachon) so that they can tackle their own mountains! With the ample opportunities to get outside of our comfort zone all campers can test their courage.

Week 5: Curiosity (Safari)

When we explore our curiosity, or histakr’nut, we have the ability to grow as people and as mensches! There are endless possibilities at camp to explore the nature, people, and ideas around us. With creativity, or yetziratiut, we have a tool to enhance our capabilities! When we are out in nature at camp we learn that the sky is the limit and know there are multiple ways to fix a problem.

Week 6: Tikkun Olam (Rainforest)

Tikkun Olam (repairing the world) covers all sorts of social and environmental activism. Campers will learn more about community mindedness (arevut) and righteousness (tzedek) during this week at camp. We are given the unique opportunity at camp to see how our actions can contribute to a beautiful community experience.

Week 7: Compassion (Israel Week)

Join us for our Israel themed week where we will learn about compassion (rachamim). We have the ability to create the kind of positive community at camp that can only be created when we have compassion for others.

Week 8: Leadership (Camping)

Learn about leadership (manhigut), composure (menuchat hanefesh), and organization (seder). “A man of calm is like a shady tree. People who need shelter come to it.”– Toba Beta

Week 9: Peace (Desert)

Join us on our pursuit of peace (rodef shalom), and wholeness (shleimut). At camp we have the time and space to pursue both inner peace and peace among our community. We are able to fill ourselves up with the things that make us happiness at camp, and once we are full we are able to achieve inner peace.

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