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Why Choose The J Swim School?

The J Swim School provides year-round swim lessons for children and adults. Our program is designed to teach water safety, develop proper techniques for multiple swim strokes and inspire a passion for swimming. Our trained instructors will use their swimming experience, knowledge and personalities to mold our participants into safe and confident swimmers.

For children <2 years old, we offer parent-tot group swim lessons. This is a fun, gentle way to introduce your child to water skills, e.g., kicking, back float and putting their face in the water.

For those >2 years old, the program has five levels that start with beginning skills and progress all the way through learning the freestyle and backstrokes. Upon completion of Level 5, we offer stroke clinics to further one’s swimming skills!

Swim lessons are offered in private or group formats. Group lessons are more available than private lessons. Group lessons are provided in 6-week sessions, 30-minute lessons, once a week. There may be up to 3 children in level 1, 4 in levels 2-5 and 6 in stroke clinics. Parent-tot groups may have up to 6 families per group. Swim lessons are available at various times during the day on Saturday and Sunday and from 3-7pm Monday through Thursday.

The Jewish term l’dor v’dor means passing skills from one generation to the next. With this in mind, The J Swim School hopes to teach a new generation the skill of swimming, knowing that it will improve their fitness, fun and safety as it has for swimmers at The J for over 125 years.

The J Swim School Promise

• We will staff knowledgeable, caring and fun instructors.
• We will provide appropriate motivational tools to your kids to help them track their progress and be excited about swimming.
• We will make your children water safe and, as they proceed through the program, teach them the techniques and skills that will enable them to become efficient and comfortable in the water.
• We will provide the highest quality swim instruction in Louisville.

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Please contact our office at 502-238-2758 or email swimschool@jewishlouisville.org and we will add you to our list to contact via email with information about how to enroll online when registration opens.

We look forward to helping you or your family with their swimming journey!

Please contact The J Swim School at 502-238-2758 or swimschool@jewishlouisville.org for information!