Aquatic Personal Training

Aquatic personal training is ideal for those needing extra motivation, professional guidance, help to rehabilitate or work around an injury, or wanting to learn creative ways to improve their fitness level all while having the added benefits of the water.

One-on-one or two-person training formats are available. Certified Aquatic Personal Trainers will work with you in either 30-minute or one-hour sessions. A comprehensive fitness evaluation is included with all aquatic personal training packages and is required prior to your first session. Call Lexi Garrison in the Aquatics Department at 502-238-2725 or email

All of our trainers are nationally certified and can show you the best ways to meet your fitness goals. Whether you want to lose a few pounds or add some muscle, we can create a custom plan for your needs. Small Group workouts are also available.

Package Pricing

Individual Packages

Half Hour $42
Full Hour $68
Small Group $22

Individual Packages, 30 minutes

4 pack $165
8 pack $323
12 pack $475

Individual Packages, 60 minutes

4 pack $265
8 pack $519
12 pack $763