The Impact of Volunteers

Jewish Family & Career Services is known for its great volunteer program. More than 300 men, women and children help to lighten the load, enhance capacity for service, advocate for JFCS programming, donate to help the less fortunate and give their time to make the world a better place.

JFCS also recruits volunteers to help on specific projects, such as the food pantry and the MOSAIC Awards. However, one committee has a very important mission this year.

As a part of its strategic plan, JFCS is focused to develop and implement programing that reflects a deep understanding of its community, its constituents and its supporters. It strives to be “top of mind” for the key services it provides and is working to build a strong organizational brand identity.

JFCS is grateful to have the volunteer services of a group of marketing professionals and board members who provide advice and guidance in these efforts. Chaired by Board member Robin Stratton, the Marketing Committee will build a strong organizational brand identity that resonates with its programs and services, aligns with market needs and is recognized by key communities.

Additional Board and staff include: Beverly Bromley, Cynthia Brown, Julie Kling, Marty Margulis, Stephanie Mutchnick and PR consultant, Karen Sherman. Marketing professionals include Amy Baach, Shannon Benovitz, Jenny Howard, Kelly Waterman and Maddie Winer.

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