The future of our community is in your hands

The future of our community is in your hands What should a strong, vibrant Jewish community do?

Provide scholarships to enable children to participate in the JCC Summer Camp or Jewish overnight camp experiences.


  • Subsidize trips to Israel for Jewish teens and support Birthright Israel trips for young adults to help the next generation develop strong Jewish identities.
  • Engage Jewish seniors in activities like a trip to Jewish Washington, D.C., and exercise classes at the JCC designed to keep them healthy.
  • Ensure that affordable kosher congregate meals are available to seniors at the JCC, Meals-on-Wheels are delivered to the homebound and the JFCS Food Pantry is open to all.
  • Supply funding to enable Jewish Family & Career Services to provide counseling and career services on a sliding scale so families and individuals in crisis can access the help they need.
  • Foster Jewish educational opportunities.
  • Support social services for Jews at-risk in Israel and around the world.

In Louisville, the answer is all of the above and more; and the Annual Federation Campaign is the way we make it happen.

To make our Louisville Jewish community strong and vibrant, your support and your gift to the Annual Federation Campaign are critical. For 2013, our goal is $2,141,000. To date, we have raised $1,620,718.

We are rapidly approaching the finish line. The new fiscal year begins July 1, and decisions regarding allocating resources to meet community needs must be made now. The 2013 Campaign is scheduled to close on April 30, but to enable you to make your gift, we are extending the close date to May 7.

Please make your donation today online at; or pledge or donate by calling 238-2739.

“Together, we do extraordinary things”



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