Temple Shalom, The Temple Confirmation

The following list of confirmands was provided by Temple Shalom and The Temple.

Temple Shalom will hold confirmation on Tuesday, June 7, at 7 p.m.

The confirmands are Sadie Cohen, daughter of Marcie and Dr. Terry Cohen; Lora Rosenberg, daughter of Allison and Alex Rosenberg.

The Temple will hold confirmation on Tuesday, June 7 at 7 p.m.

The confirmands are Eliza Coleman, daughter of Joel and Salli Coleman; Joshua Finke, son of Marianne Finke; Jon Goldenberg, son of Vycki Goldenberg-Minstein and Anthony Minstein and Glen and Terri Goldenberg; Eli Gould, son of Kenneth and Pamela Gould; Hannah Gould, daughter of Kenneth and Pamela Gould; Leslie Harrison, daughter of John and Sandra Harrison; Mathew Haskell, son of Rodney and Amy Haskell; David Hess, son of Joel Sokoloff and Ann Hess; Connor Joffe, son of Colyn and Ellen Joffe; Samantha Kamen, daughter of Craig and Abby Kamen.

Also, Michelle Kommor, daughter of Michael and Margie Kommor; Jordyn Levine, daughter of Glenn and Marci Levine; Jordan Noble, son of Mike and Jodi Noble; Lauren Oppenheimer, daughter of Mark and Gail Oppenheimer; Matthew Pearson, son of David and Margaret Pearson; Ethan Perelis, son of David and Debbie Perellis; Jacob Spielberg, son of Gregg and Linda Spielberg; Ryan Vine, son of Michael and Susan Vine; Katherine Waterman, daughter of Louis Waterman and Mary Barrazotto; Sydney Westervelt, son of Lisa and Robert Klein; Samantha Westrum, daughter of Barry and Stacy Westrum.

Keneseth Israel will announce their confirmands in August.

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