Temple Shalom Life & Learning

Temple Shalom Life & Learning

4615 Lowe Road
Louisville, KY 40220
(502) 458-4739
Fax: (502) 451-9750

In 1976, founders envisioned Temple Shalom, Louisville’s newest Reform congregation, as an extended Jewish family. In 1989, the temple moved into the current facility, a contemporary and fully accessible building located on Lowe Road.

Shabbat Services: Friday at 6:15 p.m. (Family Shabbat services are scheduled on the second Friday). Shabbat morning services begin at 10:30 a.m.

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Jewish Education at Temple Shalom.


As a Beit Kenesset, a place for community, Temple Shalom is multi-faceted. Visit http://templeshalomky.org/TempleLife/ for more information on current events and programs.


SHORTY, the Temple Shalom youth group that allows teens to participate in many social, religious and social action programs, is affiliated with the North American Federation of Temple Youth.  The congregation’s middle school students participate in MiSTY, the middle school youth group.


The Women of Temple Shalom (Sisterhood) is affiliated with the Women of Reform Judaism. Over the past several years, through their very successful Hanukah Helpers program, the women have enabled community members to give clothing and gifts to more than 200 needy Jewish children in Louisville each year. They also maintain a well-stocked gift shop.

Men’s Club

The Temple Shalom Men’s Club sponsors a monthly Sunday Brunch featuring good food, fellowship and a stimulating speaker.

Tikkun Olam

Temple Shalom is also a Beit Tikkun Olam, and through the Tikkun Olam – Social Action Committee-congregants of all ages strive to help those in need. Whether it is contributing to the Dare to Care Food Bank or the Jewish Family and Career Service Food Pantry, members and visitors can always find a tzedakah opportunity at Temple Shalom. They take their responsibility seriously, and realize that although they may never see the world repaired, they are never free to abandon this goal.



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