Teen Topics | September 23, 2016

Before the newly-elected BBYO Chapter boards can focus on their individual duties and roles, they must work together to create a calendar for the term. What seems like a simple task is actually quite daunting, given the amount of programs that they want to facilitate within such a short five-month term.

During their chapter board trainings on August 28, Drew Corson AZA and Jay Levine BBG were tasked with creating a functioning calendar for the term that would include programs, fundraisers, regional conventions and meetings without interfering with school, religious school, Jewish holidays, national holidays or major sporting events.

In just a couple of hours, each chapter board was able to come up with a working calendar, subject to change, filled with incredibly captivating events. Between the international BBYO Voice Your Vote initiative and the start of the eighth grade recruitment process, our teens have their hands full.

It was extremely impressive to witness the intentionality that went into creating this calendar. BBYO programming involves key goals for the participants. We strive for our BBYO participants to gain confidence about their Jewish identity, to become more connected to Israel and the Global Jewish community and to heighten their commitment to leading others and improving the world.

When planning programs, we start with asking ourselves, “What do we want people to leave saying? What do we want people to leave feeling? What do we want them to leave thinking?” By starting with these goals, we’re able to focus on what we need to do to accomplish these goals throughout the program.

The teens created a calendar that not only suits their needs and helps accomplish their goals, but also welcomes current eighth graders and other prospective members. They used their specific goals to determine the best activities for the programs, so that current and prospective members will enjoy their time at a BBYO event.

We have some great events to look forward to:

September 24: Fall Kickoff: Louisville City FC Soccer Game
September 26: Presidential Debate Watching Parties
October 9: Presidential Debate Watching Party
October 16: Drew Corson Sukkah Decorating
October 28-30: Spirit Convention

Be on the lookout for more upcoming events! For details about these events, contact Kari Semel, 502-238-2701 or ksemel@jewishlouisville.org.

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