TEEN TOPICS | October 24, 2014

New Teen Topics Editor Named
Hi, my name is Jack Grossman and I am the new Teen Topics editor.

I am an active member of Louisville BBYO and am the Mazkir of Drew Corson AZA. I have also attended B’nai B’rith Beber Camp for eight years.

My family belongs to The Temple, where I am a teacher’s assistant for my aunt Susan Jaffe at the religious school.

I am a junior in the Journalism and Communications program at duPont Manual High School. At Manual, I am the sports editor on The Crimson Record newspaper and Manual Redeye, a multimedia journalism website.

Louisville BBYO is preparing to go to the KIO Chapter Olympiad/Spirit Convention at Camp Campbell Gard in Hamilton, OH. For the event, all AZA (boys) and BBG (girls) chapters in the KIO (Kentucky-Indiana-Ohio) Region will compete for the spirit stick. The convention will take place October 24 and October 25.

Drew Corson Activities
By Jack Grossman
Teen Topics Editor

On Saturday, October 11, Drew Corson AZA held a “Pizza in the Hut” program inside the sukkah at the JCC. During the event, David Hemmer led a Havdalah service, and then Drew Corson members enjoyed pizza in the sukkah. After dinner, everyone played two-hand-touch football in the outfield of the kickball field.

On Sunday, October 12, Drew Corson hosted its weekly basketball practice at the JCC. The practice is in preparation for the Kentucky-Indiana-Ohio (KIO) Region basketball tournament at the Columbus JCC, November 7-9. The tournament was originally supposed to be hosted at the Louisville JCC; however, due to the KIO Regional board’s decision to cut down on regional events, according to Louisville BBYO city director Mike Steklof, the KIO AZA basketball tournament and KIO BBG sisterhood weekend were moved to Columbus and will be combined by the TOGA dance, hosted by Heart of Ohio AZA chapter.

Jay Levine BBG
by Laina Meyerowitz
Special to Community

Fall is here but you can bet that Jay Levine BBG #1508 is NOT falling out of style! In the past month, we have been super busy with all sorts of programming and fun.
Just before Rosh Hashanah, the Jewish New Year, we had a New Year’s party with all sorts of apple games including bobbing for apples, the “Apples to Apples” card game, apple shmear, and lots more to kick off the year 5775.

To make sure we all got in some great food before the annual fast day of Yom Kippur, we had a fundraiser at California Pizza Kitchen where those with a flier got to donate 20 percent of their dinner tab to our chapter – thank you so much to everyone that came out and supported us!

When we returned from the Day of Atonement (Yom Kippur), we had a chapter meeting at the JCC to prepare for the upcoming KIO Regional Spirit Convention. This convention is a weekend in October where chapters from all over Kentucky, Indiana, and southern Ohio come together to compete in competitions and games to prove their chapter spirit and ultimately win the spirit stick.

At our meeting, we told members what to expect at Spirit and how to prepare for it. We also filmed our spirit video just as all the other chapters around the region have been doing to show off our chapter pride.

Our most recent event was a Six Fold Sleepover where we engaged in programming involving the Six Folds of BBG: sisterhood, creativity, recreation, social action, Jewish heritage, and community service. This included learning about the current situation in Israel, working to learn about and advocate the elimination of bullying, playing “Man Hunt,” and decorating pumpkins.

For more information on what Jay Levine BBG will be up to next, check out our website jaylevinebbg.weebly.com and sign up for the email list under the “Contact Info” tab.
Teen Connection
by Glenn Sadle
Youth and Teen Coordinator

On Sunday, October 5, five middle schoolers gathered at the JCC to help set up the Sukkah and have a cookout. A couple of them helped with the actual setting up of the Sukkah while the rest helped with the cookout. Thank you to Rabbi David Feder for being our barbecue chef. 

On Sunday, October 12, 19 middle schoolers attended their first Cotillion class at the JCC. The participants were introduced to proper etiquette and the basics of dance. This was the first of seven Cotillion sessions.

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