TEEN TOPICS | May 23, 2013

Drew Corson Sleepover

From April 19-20, Drew Corson AZA had a sleepover at Jonah Goodman’s house. During the sleepover, the group enjoyed a Chocolate Passover Seder and Chapter Inductions. In addition, the boys had a program that included a discussion about the shooting at the JCC in Kansas City as well as the recent events in Ukraine.


From April 25-27, 30 members of Louisville BBYO attended AIT/MIT (Aleph in Training/Member in Training) Convention at Camp Campbell Guard in Hamilton, OH.

At AIT/MIT, eighth graders learned about the traditions of BBYO while being part of mock chapters, were inducted into the region and participated in a dance. The theme of the convention was “Expect the Unexpected,” and the following members of Louisville BBYO served on the steering committee: David Hemmer, Bradley Schwartz, Laina Meyerowitz, Audrey Nussbaum and Jesse Hymes.

Jay Levine Chapter Meeting

On April 29, the girls of Jay Levine BBG gathered at the JCC for a Neon Themed chapter meeting.

MIT Elections

On May 4, Jay Levine BBG gathered to elect its 2014 MIT (Members in Training Board). The MIT consists of new members of Jay Levine BBG and gives them the opportunity to learn about being a board member. The following girls were elected:

  • N’siah (president) – Lilli Russman
  • S’ganit (vice president of programming) – Julia Bessen
  • Morah (vice president of recruitment) – Abigail Geller
  • Gizborit (treasurer) – Talia Blue
  • Mazkirah (vice president of communications) Jenna Lanzet

Louisville BBYO Senior Dinner

On May 9, Teen Director Mike Steklof invited the seniors to his apartment for Shabbat dinner. The seniors enjoyed reminiscing about their time in BBYO and sharing their future plans.


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