Teen Topics: 2010 Beau/Sweetheart Dance and KIO’s Dance Marathon

[by Molly Fine]

On May 15, Louisville’s BBYO will host the 2010 Beau/Sweetheart Dance and KIO’s first annual Dance Marathon. Beau/Sweetheart is the annual dance held at the end of the school year in different cities in Kentucky, Indiana and Ohio (KIO).

This year, Beau/Sweetheart will be a Dance Marathon. Dance Marathon is an all night dance with the purpose of raising money for BBYO’s “Stand Up!” campaign, Save Darfur, and local charities throughout Kentucky, Indiana, and Ohio. The donations will be going to Save the Children, which helps children in need in Darfur and throughout the world.

During the marathon, Dancers will spend the 12 hours awake and on their feet in honor of the victims in Darfur and other charities the chapters are supporting. The KIO region will raise money through pledges from family and friends and a variety of fundraising events within each city. All the money raised by the participants goes directly to Darfur and other local charities.

The KIO Beau/Sweetheart and Dance Marathon will not be successful without the help from family, friends, and our community. KIO would greatly appreciate any donation that you are able to offer. Please remember that any amount helps! Checks can be made payable to the Jewish Community of Louisville and can be sent to Justin Sadle, Jewish Community Center, 3600 Dutchmans Ln., Louisville, KY 40205.

KIO is opening this event to other Jewish youth groups in the Louisville area as well! So if you are a part of USY or NFTY, please feel free to raise money and join us to help Darfur and other local charities. Just let Justin Sadle know if you plan to attend, and we would love to have you there!
Please feel free to email our regional director, Justin Sadle at jsadle@jccoflouisville.org or Molly Fine, Beau/Sweetheart coordinator, at molly_fine@yahoo.com if you have any questions regarding this amazing event!

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