Teen Topics 11/05/10

[by Hayley Grossman]

These past few weeks have been full of many exciting Jewish youth group activities. Louisville had a Jewish Teen Community Service day.  In addition, BBYO went to its first annual regional KIO Spirit Convention.

On October 24, Talia Wagner and Jacob Emont created a Jewish teen community service day. There were over 40 people involved. Everyone came from all the teen organizations in an effort to make a difference and change lives.

Half of the teens went to Wayside Christian Mission, and the other half helped Operation Brightside. This was a very meaningful day and a source of pride for the Jewish teen community

On October 15, Louisville BBYO went to a regional convention. At this convention, the boys and girls competed against other chapters to show who had the most spirit. There were many competitions including a paint war and a dance competition. Jay Levine BBG (Louisville’s girls chapter) took home the first ever Spirit Stick and Drew Corson AZA (Louisville’s boys chapter) came in a strong second! Louisville definitely represented the 502 well!

There is a special “Fall Dining” page in this issue of Community. Appropriately, on November 21, the Jewish teens will be partaking in Fall Dining. Jay Levine BBG is holding its first annual “ Cooking with Relatives” event, during which a parent or senior family member will work together with a teen in 9th-12th grade.

Each team will submit a one-page recipe and bring their dish for everyone to sample. We will collect all of the recipes and publish them in a book for sale. All youth group members are invited. The event is an opportunity for generations to bond over what we certainly all have in common – food and Judaism. Mark your calendars.

Thanksgiving will soon be here. Hopefully, as the chill of winter approaches, Jewish teens will find opportunities to continue the lessons of our service day. We will find opportunities to get out there and change more lives. This Thanksgiving, remember what you’re grateful for and do a mitzvah.

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