Teen Connection Conducts First Community Service Project

[By David Siskin]

The Teen Connection program serves students in grades 6-8 from around the city. The events have been social in purpose so far, but Sunday, December 19, marked a change of pace with the first of many community service projects for the group.

Twelve TC kids took time to hand out bags of popcorn to Jewish Community Center members and guests as a community service project. The popcorn was FREE, with donations welcome to help purchase items for guests at the Ronald McDonald House. The event was a huge success. Teen Connection raised over $60, which was matched by the Teen Allocation Fund. The money was used to buy things from the House’s 2010 Holiday Wish List.

This first of many future community service projects will help balance the Teen Connection program and show the community that middle school students care about helping others as much as they care about their Facebook pages and cell phones.

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