Team Trek Travels Around the U.S.

It is back. Grab your friends and get ready for another Team Trek. Starting October 10, teams of five people will work out to travel around the United States, visiting important Jewish cities along the way. This year’s trek will start in Louisville and travel to New York City, Sarasota, Austin, Los Angeles, Denver and Chicago, to name a few. The Team Trek is a free program for JCC members.

This year’s trip is 6500 miles, with 20 miles given for every 30 minutes of exercise at the JCC. Weekly trivia questions about Judaism in each city will be emailed to team captains. Recognition and great prizes will be given to all teams that complete the challenge by December 31.

Last year, nearly 40 teams participated in the Trek to Israel. More than 15 teams completed the trek by logging more than 6200 miles. Together, JCC Members exercised for more than 7050 hours at the JCC, almost 37 hours per person.


Any type of workout counts towards the team goal. If all five teammates go to an hour Les Mills BODYPUMP class, the team will earn 200 miles. That is enough miles to travel from Louisville to Cincinnati, the first leg of the trip! Trekkers could also play basketball, swim in the pool or lift weights.

To register for the Team Trek, simply fill out a registration form at the Health and Wellness Desk before October 10. A free agent list will also be provided for members who don’t have a complete team.

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