Teachers learn the tragic story of Kielce

(Editor’s note: This is the fourth blog entry by Louisville teachers Fred Whittaker and Ron Skillern as they tour Holocaust sites in Poland with a group of students and instructors from Classrooms Without Borders (CWB). This post, which is from day 6 of the seminar, covers CWB’s  visit to Kielce, scene of the worst Polish pogrom after the war. In July 1946, following a false accusation by a non-Jewish boy that he had been kidnapped and held in a building  housing Jewish refugees, Polish police, soldiers and civilians attacked and murdered 42 Jews and injured 40.)

This menorah sculpture, is part of the monument to the ghetto massacres. It appears half submerged in the ground, leaving open the question, is it rising or sinking?


The son of pogrom survivor is identifying his father as he works to bury the dead.

Memorial plaques denoting specific names were recently placed permanently in the ground at Kielce:




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