Talks held in Anshei Sfard case; court appeal filed

Anshei Sfard (Community photo)

Louisville Metro Council’s recent decision overturning the landmark status of the Anshei Sfard synagogue has been appealed to Jefferson County Circuit Court.
The appeal, filed on August 9, names Avram Kahn and Jeff Levy as plaintiffs. Metro Council, the Historic Landmarks and Preservation Commission and Anshei Sfard are the defendants. Jewish Louisville Community, which intends to buy the property to expand its campus, provided the landmark status is removed, was not named in the suit.
But talks between the sides, with an eye toward resolving the matter, have already been held and are expected to continue, according to attorneys involved in the case.
The plaintiffs claim in the appeal that the character of the neighborhood will be “drastically” changed if the synagogue is demolished.
The Landmarks Commission voted 5-4 on March 22 to designate the synagogue at 3700 Dutchmans Lane as a local landmark, saying it met four of nine criteria for the status, but Metro Council reviewed the case and on August 9 voted 22-1 with two abstentions to overturn the ruling.

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