Teen Topics 01/25/13

Regional Convention From December 21-24, 25 members of Drew Corson AZA and Jay Levine BBG attended BBYO Regional Convention at the Kingsgate Marriot Hotel in Cincinnati, OH. The weekend marked the end of the term of the 58th Regional Board … Read More >

Teen Topics 12/21/12

[by Maggie Rosen and Ben Koby] BBYO On Saturday, December 1, the freshman girls of Jay Levine BBG (formally known as Members-in-Training) were formally inducted into Jay Levine BBG and are now officially members. The induction ceremony was held at … Read More >

Teen Topics

BBYO by Maggie Rosen and Ben Koby This month Jay Levine BBG and Drew Corson AZA attended Spirit Convention at Camp Campbell Gard in Hamilton, OH. While neither chapter won the spirit stick, both chapters had a fun time competing. … Read More >