Structure, Board Members of the JCRC

This list is accurate as of January 2010. To contact the JCRC speak with one of your local representatives or fill out this online form.

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Committee Structure

-Public Policy State, Local & National Issues
Phil Grossman & Bill Stone

-Media, Israel Initiative & PR Committee
Steve Shapiro & Kathy Karr

-Interfaith Community & Coalition Activities
Aya Golding, Rabbi Stan Miles, Carl Bensinger

-Programs & Social Action
Jennifer Leibson & Amy Benovitz

-Committee Representatives
Helene Kramer Longton, Michael Gross

Executive Committee Members

Leon Wahba – Chair
Marie Abrams
Amy Benovitz
Carl Bensinger
Ayala Golding
Michael Gross
Phil Grossman
David Kaplan
Kathy Karr
Helene Kramer Longton
David Leibson
Jennifer Leibson
Steve Shapiro
William Stone
Leni Sweet
Maura Temes

JCRC Members

Rabbi David Ariel-Joel
Margot Barr
Betsy Bennett
Myrle Davis
Linda Engel
Adam Gallagher
Albert Goldin
Hector Gonzalez
Marlene Gordon
Fred Gross
Margot Kling
Alan Linker
Jessica Loving
Keiron O’Connell
Debby Rose
Steve Sarfin
Hank Savitch
Frank Schwartz
Ed Segal
Amy Shir
Jeff Slyn
Robert Waterman
Matthew Weinberg

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