Stemmle retires; Timmel moves to JCC position

For 35 years, Eloise Stemmle served the Jewish Community Center, many of which as executive secretary and rental coordinator. So it was a sad moment when she chose to retire. Staff and JCC members alike have counted on her cheerful attitude and reliable help, and she will be missed.

Stemmle’s retirement was also an opportunity for the entire Jewish Community of Louisville to take a step back, look at current work assignments and create a better, more efficient organization to serve community needs.

For many years, Sara Wagner and Mary Jean Timmel worked effectively together as a team on the Annual Federation Campaign. Three years ago, Wagner was named JCL Senior Vice President and COO, and in that position, she spends the vast majority of her time working with JCC programming. Timmel continued to devote herself to the Campaign.

Now, the team is together again. Timmel is the program associate and works closely with Wagner. She is excited about her new post and asks people to be patient with her as she learns how to manage room rentals and the many other tasks that are new to her.

To round out the Financial Resources Development Department, the Jewish Federation of Louisville welcomes Kristy Benefield to the team. Benefield is an experienced business administrative professional. (See story, Kristy Benefield Story.)

Please stop by to say hello to Timmel in her new role and to welcome Benefield to the community.

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