Steier/Timmering Explore Relationship with God

[Archived from February 06, 2009]

The CEO, E. Joseph Steier, III, and VP of Spirituality Department, Dianne Timmering, of Signature HealthCARE, the parent company of Signature HealthCARE of East Louisville, Signature HealthCARE of South Louisville, Four Courts at Cherokee Park, recently published their first-ever spiritual book titled, My God! Our God? After witnessing a God-given miracle – the divine healing of his son, Luke – E. Joseph Steier, III, embarked on an amazing spiritual journey – walking and breathing the living Bible – during his pilgrimage to Israel.

Says Steier, “When praying for my son Luke’s miracle, I established a new covenant with God. Months later, I realized the covenant was a life changing event that was the key to Luke’s healing, transformed my marriage, and restored my faith. Luke’s miracle forced me to the Holy Land and to go all the way back to my beginning with God at my side so I could really understand my childhood, flush out secular religion scars, understand the living and breathing Gospels, while preparing hopefully for the second half of my life.”

As president and CEO of Signature HealthCARE, Steier is already dedicated to bringing spirituality into the workplace, which he says is important now more than ever given our current economic crisis. The organization’s rapidly growing spirituality department has already revolutionized the way it serves its residents, employees, and communities.

In light of this change, Steier is hoping that My God! Our God? will inspire readers to seek personal forgiveness, bring God into the workplace and business decisions, and finally have the confidence to tell others all about Him, while respecting individual choice and beliefs.

Dianne Timmering, VP of Spirituality Department states, “In these economic times, perhaps those business leaders who call on God not only as their CEO but as their coach, mentor and business “side-kick” will succeed, both short and long-term. Spending time with God, knowing Him, may offer the guidance of His pivotal voice and the avoidance of business pitfalls and the paths of triumphant success. Most importantly, the American workforce, now more than ever, depends on a business leader’s innovation, creativity and integrity.”

My God! Our God?, provides the reader with a better understanding of broad based religious history and its impact on the current society that will excite the reader to make the trip themselves to Israel and to provoke them to write their own story. It also highlights the beginning of Signature HealthCARE’s long term care revolution which includes a strong focus on innovative Quality of Life programs, a thriving interfaith spirituality focus, and aggressive plans for organizational learning to meet the real needs of their residents and employees.

Steier and Timmering invite the public to visit the book’s website to view a portion of the journey, The profits will go to the Signature HealthCARE Compassion Fund, the not-for-profit charity for employees and the communities that Signature serves.

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