Statement from the Jewish Community Relations Council about the murder of Laura Ann Carleton in Cedar Glen, Calif.

Of all the senseless tragedies in recent days, the death of Laura Ann Carleton stands out.  Lauri Carleton was murdered Aug. 18, 2023 by a lone gunman who confronted her about the LBGTQ+ flag she displayed

in front of her store in Cedar Glen, Calif.  She was not a member of the LBGTQ+ community, but planted her Pride flag proudly in support of others.   Her killer had previously posted hateful messages about that LBGTQ+ community and had disparaged her Pride flag just

Laura Ann Carleton, gunned down Aug. 18, 2023 for displaying a Pride flag outside her clothing shop in Cedar Glen, Calif. (Photo from Mountain Provisions Cooperative)

before shooting her dead.  The needlessness of her killing for simply standing in support of others is horrific.

Matt Golden
Director, JCRC

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