Simon, Yarmuth Inducted into Atherton’s Hall of Fame

Atherton High School honored 10 former students and one teacher at their Ninth Annual Hall of Fame Banquet on Thursday, October 7. Including two members of the Jewish community, Lynn Simon and Bob Yarmuth.

The president of the Atherton Alumni Association and Class of 1971, Nicholas G. (Nick) Gardner, said, “Atherton has a long history in this community and honoring these distinguished alumni and teachers not only recognizes their contributions of Atherton, but also inspires future generations”.

Since 2002, Atherton has inducted 107 former students, teachers, principals and coaches into their Hall of Fame, including such nationally recognized alumni as author Sue Grafton, David Grissom, Metro Council member Tom Owen and Congressman John Yarmuth.

One of the oldest public high schools in Louisville, J.M. Atherton started in 1923, opening its doors in 1924 as an all-girls school on Morton Avenue. Atherton became coed in the early 1950’s and later relocated to its present location on Dundee Road on 1963.

The 2010 inductees are: Tyler Allen, 1986; Roberta Cowan Bondi, 1959; Ann Carroll, 1970; David Daugherty, 1954; Mary Stewart Duerson, Latin teacher; C. Lynn Fox, 1966; Jim Rutledge, 1961; Lynn Simon, 1977; Steve Sparrow, 1972; Shaw Wan, 1969; and Bob Yarmuth, 1967.

The Atherton Alumni Association was started about 10 years ago, to bring together former and current students and faculty. Their website is:

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