Shuli Nathan to Perform at The Temple May 20

Taking advantage of an already scheduled tour of the United States, The Temple has announced that Shuli Nathan, of Jerusalem of Gold fame, will perform during and after services on Friday, May 20.

Shuli Nathan first gained fame and popularity in Israel when she performed the previously unheard song, Jerusalem of Gold, during the Independence Day Song Contest in Jerusalem in 1967. Since that time, Jerusalem of Gold has sold more than 300,000 copies and been translated into 40 languages, while Nathan became an international icon, collecting folksongs and singing the songs of Israel and of Jews from around the world, American and Irish folksongs, Hassidic and Ladino songs.

A fortunate few Temple members traveled to Israel this previous summer and were privileged to be the sole audience for a private concert by Nathan. Lori Holland, Temple member and a member of that select group, described the experience and her anticipation of Nathan’s visit to Louisville, “I am so excited for Ms. Nathan to be joining us for Shabbat in May. The night we spent with her (in Israel) was joyous and touching. Her voice is incredible – heartfelt, warm, and passionate. Her singing Yerushalaim was absolutely magical.”

She will be at The Temple for a 6:15 Rabbi’s Dinner, consisting of traditional Israeli food (please RSVP 423-1818, the cost is $10.), 7:30 Temple services with music by Nathan, and 8:30 oneg also with special music. Members of the community are welcome.

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