Shuckman’s Now Sells Kosher Lox

Fans of kosher nova lox now have a local source to buy it, thanks to Shuckman’s Fish Company and Smokery in downtown Louisville.

The company has been making and selling nova lox for about 15 years, Lewis Shuckman said. But it recently teamed up with Rabbi Avrohom Litvin of Chabad and Kentucky Kosher to make the lox a local kosher offering.

“Nova salmon is a really old-school product,” Shuckman said. It’s cured with salt and brine, and it’s smoked with applewood. The process takes a couple of days, he said, then it’s hand-sliced. “But it’s not salty!” he added.

Caterers in Indianapolis and Cincinnati wanted fresh kosher lox but weren’t able to get it until now, Shuckman said. “When people think of Kentucky, they don’t think of salmon,” he said with a laugh.

Shuckman said the response so far has been excellent. He said the product is “flying off of the shelves” at ValuMarket. “People can get local lox and not have to order it by the truckload.”

The salmon is brought in fresh, and by the time it gets into the Louisville plant, it hasn’t been out of the water for 48 hours and is never frozen.
Shuckman said the company is thrilled to offer this product in Louisville. “We are very honored to be a part of it,” he said. “We participate in lots of special events and fundraisers, and we just want to give back to the community.”

Shuckman said he is proud of the artisan lox and has been pleased with the work of the Litvins. “They are just great people, and they really know the kosher laws,” he said.

“Now (customers) can get their kosher lox, find a good bagel, get some cream cheese and make themselves a Dagwood,” he said. “It’s really a dynamite product.”

The kosher smoked nova lox is available at ValuMarket at Mid-City Mall and at Whittington Parkway, and at Garden Gate at the corner of Bardstown Road and Breckenridge Lane. It is also available to caterers and for special events. The public is also welcome to come directly to the Smokery outlet at 3001 W. Main St. to purchase the lox or any other of Shuckman’s products.

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