Shabbat Quarantini: Young adults, teens keep connecting despite the coronavirus 

The YAD Shabbat Quarantini Happy Hour is way for young adults to stay socially connected during the coronavirus pandemic.

Young Jewish adults in Louisville refuse to let the coronavirus pandemic cramp their social life.
In fact, a group them plan to get together at 6 p.m., Friday, March 20, shortly before Shabbat, for a little cocktail party – virtually, of course.
The YAD Shabbat Quarantini Happy Hour, which will be held via Zoom, is the work of Sarah Baron, leadership & engagement manager for the Jewish Federation of Louisville.
“Young adults are feeling just as isolated as the rest of the community, if not more,” Baron said, “so this is a chance for the Jewish Federation to help facilitate opportunities for young adults to see each other and connect with people who might not be in someone’s immediate circle of friends.”
Baron said future YAD activities will be posted on its Facebook page. She has already posted Virtual Shabbat there from OneTable.
The Quarantini won’t be the only activity for young Jewish adults. Hillel students can connect to a Hillel International platform called Hillel@Home to access free webinars.
While young adults are connecting, so are young teens. BBYO members can go to a new platform called BBYO On Demand.
“Think BBYO meets Netflix,” said Becca Waller, Jewish teen & tween director at The J. “All local BBYO programs have moved online and will utilize this platform.”
She said the site if free and open to all, regardless of BBYO membership.
More than 50 partners from all spectrums of the Jewish world, including non-Jewish organizations, are participating too.










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