Seven British Bikers Visit Louisville JCC

On Sunday, June 10, the JCC was invaded by a motorcycle gang. This was not just any gang. A group of seven Jewish, British bikers relaxed by the pool at the JCC. They are traveling from Toronto to Miami as part of the Ride to Remember. The trip is being filmed by the BBC for a mini-documentary Jews on Bikes.

Seven bikers, including one female rider, range in age from 26-70. On their journey, they will be visiting Jewish communities in North America to compare them to those in the United Kingdom. Before their relaxing day at the JCC, they spent some time in Lexington, where their hosts took them to visit Heaven Hill Distillery and to see a rodeo.

In Louisville, JCL Vice President and Chief Development Officer Stew Bromberg and JCC Senior Director of Wellness and Membership Larry Mestel gave the riders JCC shirts before they left, insisting on one requirement – that the bikers wear them as they arrive in their next location, Nashville, TN, and then on to Raleigh, NC.

“It was great to meet with these travelers. They were just everyday folks who took a month off work to embark on this wonderful adventure and explore their religion and North America,” said Bromberg.

The series will air later this year in the UK and Ireland.

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