Senior Transportation Needs Survey – Community Planning Forum Addresses Long-Range Issues

As Louisville’s Jewish community looks to the future, it is important that leaders from across the community come together to share their observations and ideas.


Jewish Community of Louisville President and CEO Stu Silberman realized that there was no ongoing forum for this critical discussion, so he convened the Community Planning Forum comprised of professional, lay and clergy leaders from the congregations and major Jewish agencies.

The purpose of this forum is to identify and address long-term community needs through open dialogue. Forum members can talk about what will help them be more effective in carrying out their missions and issues they’ve identified as important to the future of the community.

They’ve begun to discuss a number of issues, including the need for a sustainable Jewish day school experience to serve the community and as a recruiting tool to bring Jews to Louisville, security issues, the needs of the growing senior population and how to make it easier to access JCL marketing resources.

The response from the group has been overwhelmingly positive, and the need for continuing this dialogue is evident.

One of the first concrete actions of the Community Planning Forum is a Senior Transportation Needs Survey, now underway.

Seniors and current and potential caregivers are encouraged to participate by filling out the survey on this page and sending it to Jewish Family & Career Services, 2821 Klempner Way, Louisville, KY 40205, by August 31. This survey can also be faxed to 452-6718. Additional survey forms will be available from Louisville’s Jewish agencies, organizations and congregations.

The survey can also be completed online at http://www.surveymonkey.com/s/Q8CJ8XG.

To ensure the usefulness of the data collected, please complete the survey only once.

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